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Red Kites and a Swift over Warham Camp against clouds.

Red Kites and a Swift over Warham Camp in North Norfolk, June 2017 (picture: Chris Wood)

Norwich Moot has been in existence for at least 35 years, possibly much longer. Those who are currently involved with it have, between them, many decadesí experience of magical practice in various traditions, dreaming up and running interesting events, teaching, finding and curating magical items, producing publicity material and researching and writing books and articles.

Our collection of artefacts, now known as The Ickeny Collection, dates back to a ritual held in 1999, when we asked the gods to assist us in finding suitable items for a museum at some point in the future. That same year, we began putting together a library of relevant books and journals to provide a resource for our community. It was initially kept in Val and Chrisí hallway, until it became too large to be accommodated there. It is currently at the home of Annette Dewgarde, but needs a better space to make it more accessible. The Moot also needs its own space for people to meet and a permanent home for The Ickeny Collection so that items can be on display and available for study as required. The Moot has loved meeting at The Silver Rooms, which has been our home since the Autumn of 2016, but we could provide so much more if we had our own dedicated space.

THe logo for The Ickeny Collection, East Anglian Museum of Magic and Mythology, forming a link to the Events page

Recently, on a visit to Warham Camp, we received instruction from the gods and spirits to set up the Living Norfolk Magic project to collect and display magical items made, used or acquired by members of the community at the present time. This project complements the Ickeny Collection, gives everyone a stake in creating part of the museum collection and allows those who wish it, to be part of Moot history.

The logo for the Living Norfolk Magic Project, with agricultural tools, forming a link to its Instagram page.

What we need now is a venue. All the signs are that this is the right time. Everything has changed this year and the Moot has shown that it can change and adapt as circumstances require. The publication of Valís Of Chalk and Flint: A Way of Norfolk Magic, following the earlier successes of Nigel Pennickís books covering East Anglian Magic and Traditions and Nigel Pearsonís The Devilís Plantation, has helped foster interest in the magic of this area, and we now need to take this forward. Under One Roof is another new step along the way. Please watch out for further developments and assist us if you can.

So, we would welcome any donations, large or small! Our PayPal address for donations is (please copy out to avoid spam):

Norwich Moot's Paypal e-mail address, not given as a link to avoid spam; it can be typed in as norwichpaganmoot (all one word) at hotmail dot com

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