Norwich Pagans

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Norwich Pagans
Dates for your Diary.

These are brief details of Solar and Lunar events that may be of interest to pagans in the Norwich and Norfolk area.
All times are Local for Arminghall Henge at Norwich unless stated otherwise..

Upcoming Events

Day:Date:       Time:         Event:Description:
Tue19th Nov21:11 GMTThird Quarter 
Tue26th Nov15:06 GMTNew Moon 
Wed4th Dec06:58 GMTFirst Quarter 
Thu12th Dec05:12 GMTFull Moon 
Thu19th Dec04:57 GMTThird Quarter 
Sun22nd Dec04:19 GMTWinter Solstice  
Thu26th Dec05:13 GMTNew Moon 
Fri3rd Jan04:46 GMTFirst Quarter 
Sun5th JanPerihelionThe Earth is at its closest to the Sun. 
Fri10th Jan19:21 GMTFull Moon 
Fri17th Jan12:59 GMTThird Quarter 
Fri24th Jan21:42 GMTNew Moon 
Sat1st Feb00:00 GMTImbolc  
Sun2nd Feb01:42 GMTFirst Quarter 
Sun9th Feb07:33 GMTFull Moon 
Sat15th Feb22:17 GMTThird Quarter 
Sun23rd Feb15:32 GMTNew Moon 
Mon2nd Mar19:57 GMTFirst Quarter 
Mon9th Mar17:47 GMTFull Moon 
Mon16th Mar09:34 GMTThird Quarter 
Fri20th Mar03:50 GMTSpring Equinox  
Tue24th Mar09:28 GMTNew Moon 
Sun29th Mar01:00 GMTBST BeginsBritish Summer time begins (Clocks go forward) 
Wed1st Apr11:21 BSTFirst Quarter 
Wed8th Apr03:35 BSTFull Moon 
Tue14th Apr23:56 BSTThird Quarter 
Thu23rd Apr03:26 BSTNew Moon 
Thu30th Apr21:38 BSTFirst Quarter 
Fri1st May00:00 BSTBeltaine  
Thu7th May11:45 BSTFull Moon 
Thu14th May15:03 BSTThird Quarter 
Fri22nd May18:39 BSTNew Moon 
Sat30th May04:30 BSTFirst Quarter 
Fri5th Jun20:12 BSTFull Moon 
Sat13th Jun07:24 BSTThird Quarter 
Sat20th Jun22:44 BSTSummer Solstice  
Sun21st Jun07:42 BSTNew Moon 
Sun28th Jun09:16 BSTFirst Quarter 
Sat4th JulAphelionThe Earth is at its farthest from the Sun. 
Sun5th Jul05:44 BSTFull Moon 
Mon13th Jul00:29 BSTThird Quarter 
Mon20th Jul18:33 BSTNew Moon 
Mon27th Jul13:33 BSTFirst Quarter 
Sat1st Aug00:00 BSTLughnasadh  
Mon3rd Aug16:59 BSTFull Moon 
Tue11th Aug17:45 BSTThird Quarter 
Wed19th Aug03:42 BSTNew Moon 
Tue25th Aug18:58 BSTFirst Quarter 
Wed2nd Sep06:22 BSTFull Moon 
Thu10th Sep10:26 BSTThird Quarter 
Thu17th Sep12:00 BSTNew Moon 
Tue22nd Sep14:31 BSTAutumn Equinox  
Thu24th Sep02:55 BSTFirst Quarter 
Thu1st Oct22:05 BSTFull Moon 
Sat10th Oct01:40 BSTThird Quarter 
Fri16th Oct20:31 BSTNew Moon 
Fri23rd Oct14:23 BSTFirst Quarter 
Sun25th Oct02:00 BSTBST EndsBritish Summer time ends (Clocks go back) 
Sat31st Oct00:00 GMTSamhain  
Sat31st Oct14:49 GMTFull Moon 
Sun8th Nov13:46 GMTThird Quarter 
Sun15th Nov05:08 GMTNew Moon 

Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak and Chris O'Byrne (NASA's GSFC)
Sun and moon times provided by Keith Burnett